I can’t even cry

She has literally convinced me that I can’t, and shamed me to no end for it.

I want to so badly, I feel it bottled up in me.

There is a cap on the bottle, super glued, I need to get it off.

Me: I love you
You: Yea whatever

cool bye

I do not want to breathe
Help me.

Oh and fuck you McDonald’s.


Guelph you were magical.
Guelph you gave me a change

Guelph you fucked up my life
Guelph you helped me procrastinate
Guelph you took my ambition
Guelph you fucking piece of shit
Guelph you are stuck
Guelph I was a magnet to you

I am awake now.
Fuck you Guelph.
Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck. You.


Hi Maxine :3